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Looking for a fun, quick and easy way to earn some cash in your free time? Share your opinion on anything from your favourite breakfast cereal to your commute, and get rewarded with cash!

Whether you are looking for a few extra pennies to help with your everyday spending or saving up for something special, getting paid cash for surveys online can help you reach your goals

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Discover First Opinion, your go-to destination for sharing your thoughts and earning rewards! We're passionate about your opinions and their ability to drive positive change. Sign up, engage in surveys, and accumulate points for every valuable contribution. Your time is precious, so we've made redeeming points easy, offering a wide array of options across various sites and experiences. More than just surveys, First Opinion is a vibrant community that values your unique perspective. Join us in shaping the landscape of products and services. Your opinion matter, and at First Opinion we're here to amplify your voice. Become part of our community today and let your insights make a difference!

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Here's what our reward program means for you:

Wide Choice: Dive into a diverse pool of over 200 popular retail brands and
worthy charities. Choose the ones that truly spark your interest.

Lasting Value: Enjoy the flexibility of time! Your Reward Links stay valid for
a whole year, giving you ample opportunity to plan and redeem.

Multiple Redemptions: No need to commit to a single purchase. Your
Reward value can be spread across multiple e-gifts and charity contributions,
tailoring your rewards to your preferences.

No Leftovers, All Satisfaction: Don't worry about unused value going to waste.
Any remaining amount after redemption stays with you, ready for your next
rewarding experience.


Way to Earn



Receive invites to paid surveys that you/your family qualify for.

Earn up to $1-$10+ per survey


In-Person & Virtual Groups

Receive invites to participate in projects in your city or online

Earn up to $50-$300 per project


Online Communities

Receive invites to online communities that you may qualify for

Earn up to $10-$200+ a month


TV Show & Video Testing

Watch videos, TV shows, movies and commercials and get paid for your opinion

Earn up to $5-$10 per test


App & Game Testing

Get paid to test new games and apps before anyone else

Earn up to $10-$100+ per test


Kids & Family Projects

Parents receive invitations for activities your family may qualify for when you sign up your children

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